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Flight Instruction

Interested in learning how to fly — or increasing your current skills? The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires you meet specific criteria in order to earn a pilot’s certificate. MacAir Aviation offers flight instruction to help you gain the knowledge and skills needed to succeed.


Regardless of which pilot certificate you pursue, your program will include:


  • Ground school, which prepares you for the written knowledge test.

  • Flying with an instructor, which prepares you for the practical skills test.


We also offer Cirrus Training from our Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilots (CSIPs).


Part 141 Flight Training Program

As a Part 141 flight training program, we offer private, commercial, and instrument, as well as a certified flight instructor rating certificate, under FAA-approved syllabi. That means you'll gain knowledge and skills from highly experienced, helpful instructors — and have a lot of fun in the process.

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Ground Training

Private Pilot Ground School

When: May  21 through Jun 27, 2024 Times: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Cost: $300 for the class - Books $225 (approximately)

Contact: Alexis at or (937) 581-6865

Spaces are limited 

Private Pilot Certificate

With a private pilot certificate, you may fly in good weather conditions (called VFR or visual flight rules). You may carry passengers and baggage, but you may not fly for hire; operating expenses must be equally shared with your passengers.

Instrument Rating

With an instrument rating, you are able to fly according to instrument flight rules (IFR) — in other words, you are able to fly when the weather is poor.

Commercial Pilot Certificate

The commercial pilot certificate allows you to fly for hire as part of a Part 135 operation.

Multi-Engine Pilot Certificate

The multi-engine pilot certificate allows you to fly airplanes with more than one engine.

Certified Flight Instructor

Interested in becoming a flight instructor? Contact us at 937-581-6865 to learn about next steps, based upon your background and flight experience. Former military instructors may also be able to earn FAA equivalent credit through a military competency program.


If you qualify for VA Education Benefits and are interested in using them in a MacAir flight training course, click here

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