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Flight Simulator

Redbird simulator is an FAA approved device.  It allows you the ability to maintain instrument experience according to FAR 61.57 without leaving the ground.  Come out and meet the challenge of flying anywhere, anytime in any season in the Redbird Flight Simulator.


MacAir’s Redbird Advance Aviation Training Device (AATD) is a fully immersible flight training experience.  The simulator features a fully enclosed wrap-around visual system that can be customized to meet single, multi-engine, traditional 6-pack avionics or glass panel configurations.


The simulator can be quickly configure to fly 5 different aircraft models: Piper Archer, Arrow and Seneca; as well as Cirrus Avidyne and Perspective.  Cirrus training on our Redbird gives you the ability to become familiar with a Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) cockpit environment and “buttonology”.  It also incorporates Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS). This technology gives you a “hands on” learning by experience training as you fly through different scenarios that requires you to make hard choices in a controlled environment.  The simulator can also connect with ForeFlight providing you with enhanced situational awareness as you fly.

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