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VA Benefits

MacAir Aviation has been approved by the State Approving Agency to allow qualifying students to use their VA Education Benefits for certain flight training programs.

Note that the VA will not authorize individual's to use VA Benefits for completion of a Private Pilot Course at any flight school unless the flight school is part of an Institute of Higher Learning such as:  Sinclair Community College, Ohio State University, Ohio University, Kent State University, University of Cincinnati, Clermont College.

VA benefits used for flight training are to be used for a career in aviation which requires a Second Class medical certificate.  Therefore, the VA requires completion of your instrument rating prior to completing your commercial certificate.

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Apply for education benefits by contacting the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) at:  1-888-442-4551 or visit the eBenefits web site.

You should receive a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) from the DVA.  In lieu of a COE letter, you can print a copy of the Entitlement Information section under Education Enrollment Status on the eBenefits web site.

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FAA Medical Exam

Acquire a FAA Second Class medical certificate from an Aviation Medical Examiner.  To locate an AME, look on the FAA web site.

  • Note that Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) courses require a FAA First Class medical certificate.

  • You must acquire the appropriate medical certificate prior to enrolling in a course in order to use your VA benefits to pay for the course.

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  • Contact us as outlined below to discuss enrolling in a flight course using your VA benefits.

  • Bring your COE or Entitlement Information from eBenefits web site and Second Class medical certificate when you meet with us.

  • Prior to beginning your training, you and your instructor are required to meet with us to discuss your VA benefits.

For more information about using your VA Benefits in a MacAir flight course, Call David Gracia-Rodiguez at 937-581-6865 or complete this form.
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